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March 26, 2024 / Housing Market

The Return of Homebuyer FOMO: Navigating the Waves Before the Rate Cut

️ Highlights: 1. Buyer urgency is returning to the property market as homebuyers aim to make a move before expected...
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March 25, 2024 / Housing Market

The Remarkable Surge in Australian Property Values: A Year in Review

️ Highlights: 1. Over the past year, Australia's housing market has seen a significant increase in values, with the Home...
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March 24, 2024 / Housing Market

Exploring the Dynamics of Australia’s Population Shifts: Insights from September 2023

In September 2023, Australia witnessed intriguing developments in its demographic landscape, marking significant shifts that could shape the nation's future....
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March 23, 2024 / Finance

Navigating Through Turbulence: Insights from Australia’s Financial Stability Assessment, March 2024

️ Highlights: 1. The global economy is expected to experience a soft landing with easing inflation and a substantial easing...
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March 22, 2024 / Auction Market

March 24, 2024: Anticipating the Pulse of Australia’s Auction Market

️ Highlights: 1. This week is expected to have the largest volume of auctions since the week prior to Easter...
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March 21, 2024 / Housing Market

The Steep Decline in Australian Housing Construction: Implications and Outlook

️ Highlights: 1. Australia's housing construction data is at decade-lows despite a surge in population. 2. New home sales, approvals,...
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March 20, 2024 / Finance

Deciphering the RBA’s Latest Financial Maneuvers: What You Need to Know

️ Highlights: 1. Inflation continues to moderate but remains high, driven by strong domestic cost pressures and excess demand in...
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March 19, 2024 / Housing Market

Preliminary Clearance Rates Stand Strong Amidst Rising Supply

️ Highlights: 1. Last week was the second busiest week of auctions so far this year, with 2,723 capital city...
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March 18, 2024 / Business

February 2024 Sees a Shift in Business Confidence: Insights from Roy Morgan

️ Highlights: 1. Business Confidence in February 2024 increased to 101.5, the highest in over a year, driven by confidence...
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March 16, 2024 / Housing Market

February Sees a Surge in New Home Sales: A Positive Shift in the Market

️ Highlights: 1. Sales of new homes nationally increased by 5.3% in February 2024, but remain low compared to the...
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