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How Much Do House and Land Packages Perth Cost?

Are you interested in purchasing a house and land package in Perth but uncertain of the costs involved? Being unaware of the cost can make the dream of home ownership seem far away at times.

Perth’s house and land packages cost is not static because the real estate market is dynamic.

But the price ranges from $270,000 upwards. This cost encompasses the price of the land, house design, and what it will cost to build a home from scratch.

However, the amount does not include other additional costs like stamp duty and the cost of landscaping and preparing the land for house construction.

This article will answer the question, “How much do house and land packages in Perth cost?” by stating the factors influencing the cost of house and land packages Perth and some hidden costs to watch out for when purchasing a house and land package in Perth.

But before we go into these details, let’s see what house and land packages are.

What are House and Land Packages Perth?

House and land packages incorporate the price of buying a land with designing and building a new house on it.

This approach allows you to have a say in customizing your home while simplifying the building process.

House and land packages provide aspiring homeowners the opportunity to secure a plot of land and design their dream house, all within a single package.

Typically offered by developers or builders, house and land packages often come with a variety of home designs to choose from, catering to different preferences and budgets.

In a house and land package, the developer handles most aspects, including obtaining necessary permits, planning the construction, and managing the building process.

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The developer taking care of almost everything alleviates much of the stress and hassle that can come with you building a new home from scratch.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Perth House and Land Packages


The first on the list of factors influencing the cost of house and land packages in Perth is location. Perth is home to many different neighborhoods, each with their own special facilities and beauty.

House and land packages in places closer to the city center or in high-demand areas often come with a higher price tag.

Factors such as the location’s proximity to schools, public transportation, shopping centers, and employment opportunities determine the overall cost.

Size and type of land

The size and type of land included in the package are essential components that influence the cost of house and land packages in Perth. Larger plots with more space for outdoor living and landscaping will generally be priced higher.

Additionally, the terrain and any special features on the land, such as views or waterfront access, can impact the overall package price.

House upgrades and customisations

Many home builders will give you the option to customize the house’s equipment, finishes, and other features. While these customisations can enhance your living experience, they can also add to the overall package cost.

Home design and features

The design and features of the home you want to build are significant contributors to the cost of the package.

Modern, energy-efficient homes with high-quality materials and advanced technology will naturally have a higher price point.

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The total square footage, and how many bathrooms and bedrooms that will be inside the house also affect the total price of the package.

Market circumstances

The state of the real estate market at the time of purchase can impact the cost of house and land packages Perth. Prices typically increase in a highly competitive real estate market. Conversely, during a buyer’s market, prices may be more negotiable.

Amenities and infrastructure

Proximity to major roads, public transportation, essential services, and amenities such as community centers, parks, and recreational facilities, can also impact the house and land package cost. The presence of these features can add value to the package but may also increase the price.

Developer reputation

The reputation of the developer behind the house and land package can influence the price. Established and reputable developers often offer higher-quality homes and a more attractive living environment, which can justify a higher price.

Breakdown of Cost of House and Land Packages Perth

Land cost

The land cost forms the foundation of the package. The land’s location and size influence the cost.

Construction cost

Construction cost includes everything needed to build the house, such as materials, labor, and permits. Builders typically provide a base cost, with additional expenses for upgrades.

Additional costs

Other government fees like stamp duty also contribute to the overall cost of house and land packages in Perth.

These fees change depending on the property’s worth.

Additional Costs to Be Aware of When Buying a House and Land Package in Perth

While the package price covers many expenses, there are additional costs that you should be cautious about when buying a house and land package in Perth. A few of them are listed here:

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Cost of modifications and upgrades

While the base price of a house and land package includes standard features, many buyers want to customize their homes to match their preferences. Upgrades such as premium flooring, countertops, appliances, and additional rooms can significantly increase the overall house and land package cost.

Site preparation and landscaping cost

Before construction begins, the developers need to prepare the land for building. This preparation includes tasks like excavation, leveling, and connecting utilities.

These site preparation costs can vary based on the condition of the land and its accessibility. Additionally, landscaping the surrounding area is an extra expense to consider.

Homeowners association fees

Some residential areas, especially planned communities or gated neighborhoods, have homeowners associations (HOAs). HOAs charge fees to cover the maintenance of communal areas, security services, and other amenities.

These fees vary, and the developers may not always state them clearly upfront. Before purchasing a house and land package, inquire about HOA fees in the area you want to have a home to prevent unexpected financial obligations.


Are you looking for what it takes to get a house and land package in Perth? This article has stated everything you need to know, from the factors that influence the cost to additional costs you should be aware of.

Having gotten the necessary financial information you need to make a purchase, check NY Properties for a catalog of house and land packages Perth to make your selection.

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