1. Australia’s population is projected to become older and more dependent, leading to a shift in demand for certain types of housing and commercial finance products. This will create opportunities for brokers to understand and adapt to these shifting dynamics.

2. There will be increased demand for retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and housing options that cater to the specific needs of older adults. Brokers will need to be well-versed in age-specific mortgage products, such as reverse mortgages, and guide clients through financial decisions related to downsizing and transitioning to more age-friendly living spaces.

3. The old-age dependency ratio is expected to increase as the population ages, with more workers needing to support a greater number of dependents. This could impact the renovation and modification of existing homes to be more age-friendly, as well as the prevalence of multigenerational housing.

4. Technology and digital transformation will play a significant role in the future of mortgage transactions. Brokers should embrace digital platforms for document submission, communication, and virtual consultations. Understanding superannuation and SMSF loans will also be vital.

5. The ageing population will impact the commercial market, with increased demand for healthcare facilities, mixed-use developments, and retail and entertainment sectors that cater to older consumers. Brokers can diversify their expertise to include commercial real estate financing and use data analytics to provide insights into investment opportunities aligned with demographic shifts.

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