ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Analysis – October

⚡️ Highlights:

1. ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence has reached its highest level since February 2023, marking the end of a 31-week period below the mark of 80.

2. Consumer Confidence is still 4.5 points below the same week last year but is now above the 2023 weekly average.

3. Consumer Confidence increased in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, but slightly decreased in Western Australia and South Australia.

4. Confidence about personal finances compared to a year ago and over the next year has improved after the RBA kept interest rates unchanged for four consecutive months.

5. While sentiment regarding the Australian economy remains low, there is a slight improvement in net sentiment for the economy over the next five years.

In a recent report by ANZ-Roy Morgan, the consumer confidence index has been meticulously examined, shedding light on the current economic sentiments of Australians. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the findings:

  1. Overview: The ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence has seen a decline of 2.1% to 112.3, a significant shift from the previous week.
  2. Financial Conditions: When it comes to the financial conditions of Australians:
    • The assessment of current financial conditions has seen a decrease of 1.9%.
    • The future financial conditions have also witnessed a decline, dropping by 2.4%.
  3. Economic Conditions: Delving into the economic conditions:
    • The current economic conditions have decreased by 0.8%.
    • The future economic conditions have experienced a more pronounced decline of 4.8%.
  4. Time to Buy a Household Item: The sentiment surrounding the purchase of household items has seen a drop of 1.9%.
  5. Inflation Expectations: The inflation expectations over the next two years remain steady at 4.5%.
  6. Four-Week Moving Average: The four-week moving average for the ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence is at 113.2, slightly above the current index.

Conclusion: The findings from the ANZ-Roy Morgan report provide valuable insights into the economic sentiments of Australians. The decline in consumer confidence across various sectors indicates a cautious approach by consumers, reflecting broader economic uncertainties. It’s essential for businesses and investors to stay informed and adapt to these changing economic landscapes.

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