City Showdown: Brisbane’s Real Estate Rivals Melbourne as Perth Takes the Lead

⚡️ Highlights:

1. Property prices have hit a new record high nationally, with Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane leading the way with strong growth rates.

2. Brisbane’s home values are on track to surpass Melbourne’s, with prices up 60.7% since March 2020 compared to Melbourne’s 16.5% increase.

3. Brisbane’s affordability relative to Sydney is narrowing, with the city experiencing record population inflows since the pandemic.

4. Perth is gaining strength relative to Hobart, with record-low choice for buyers leading to a sellers’ market.

5. Hobart, once a strong performer, is now facing falling prices and could soon become the second cheapest capital city market behind Darwin.

Explore the dynamic real estate markets of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Discover how Brisbane’s prices challenge Melbourne’s, while Perth emerges as the new frontrunner.


The Australian real estate landscape is witnessing a fascinating battle among its cities, with Brisbane’s housing market now on par with Melbourne in terms of pricing. Meanwhile, Perth not only catches up but also powers ahead, showcasing a robust growth trajectory. This article delves into the nuances of this city showdown, offering a comparative analysis and insights into the future.

Brisbane and Melbourne: A Comparative Analysis

Brisbane, traditionally seen as a more affordable option, has witnessed a surge in property prices, drawing level with Melbourne’s longstanding high-value market. This section examines the factors behind Brisbane’s rise, including increased demand, population growth, and infrastructure development, juxtaposed against Melbourne’s market, known for its stability and high desirability.

Perth’s Ascendancy in the Real Estate Market

Defying previous expectations, Perth has emerged as a leader in the real estate market, demonstrating significant price growth and investment returns. This segment explores the catalysts for Perth’s ascendancy, comparing its growth rates with those of Brisbane and Melbourne, and discussing the impact of economic recovery and mining industry resurgence.

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Economic and Demographic Influences

The real estate markets in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth are not only shaped by local conditions but also by broader economic and demographic trends. This includes shifts in employment opportunities, population distribution, and the overall economic health of Australia, offering a deeper understanding of the forces at play.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, this section outlines predictions for the real estate markets in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. It assesses potential challenges such as affordability and supply constraints, alongside opportunities for growth and investment, providing a forward-looking perspective for stakeholders.

Investment Strategies

For those considering entering the real estate market, whether in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Perth, this part offers strategic advice. It highlights how to identify promising investment opportunities, navigate the competitive landscape, and make informed decisions based on current trends.


The real estate showdown among Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of Australia’s housing market. As each city presents its unique opportunities and challenges, the future of real estate in Australia remains an exciting prospect for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

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