Establishment of the Housing Advisory Council: A Significant Move in Australian Real Estate

⚡️ Highlights:

1. Legislation to establish a permanent statutory body, the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council, will commence in late December, with the council to be appointed shortly after. This council will provide independent, evidence-based expert advice on matters related to Australia’s housing supply and affordability.

2. An interim council has already been set up and has provided the government with expert advice on barriers to institutional investment, finance, and innovation in housing.

3. The government’s housing legislative package has recently been passed, enshrining the independence of the council and allowing it to provide full and frank advice on housing issues.

4. The government aims to address the housing crisis and ensure that Australia’s housing agenda is supported by expert advice.

5. The government is working on the National Housing and Homelessness Plan, which will provide a better understanding of housing and homelessness in Australia and develop a strategy for all levels of government to work together in supporting those facing housing challenges. Feedback from experts, industry leaders, and the public is encouraged to inform the plan.

In a recent development, the Australian government has taken a pivotal step towards addressing housing challenges by introducing legislation to establish the Housing Advisory Council. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to fostering collaboration between industry stakeholders and ensuring that housing policies are both effective and responsive to the ever-evolving market dynamics.

Key Highlights:

  1. Objective of the Council: The primary aim of the Housing Advisory Council is to provide expert advice to the government on housing policies. By doing so, it seeks to ensure that these policies are in alignment with the current market conditions and address the pressing needs of the housing sector.
  2. Composition of the Council: The council will comprise representatives from various segments of the housing industry, including developers, lenders, and consumer advocates. This diverse composition ensures a holistic perspective on housing issues, enabling the formulation of well-rounded and effective policies.
  3. Frequency of Meetings: To ensure timely and consistent feedback, the council will convene four times a year. These regular interactions will facilitate ongoing dialogue and foster a collaborative approach to addressing housing challenges.
  4. Anticipated Benefits: The establishment of the Housing Advisory Council is expected to bring about several positive outcomes. It will provide a platform for open dialogue between industry stakeholders, leading to the formulation of more informed and effective housing policies. Moreover, by leveraging the expertise of its members, the council will play a crucial role in shaping the future trajectory of the Australian housing market.


The introduction of the Housing Advisory Council is a testament to the Australian government’s proactive approach to addressing housing challenges. By fostering collaboration and open dialogue between industry stakeholders, the council is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Australian housing sector. As the council begins its operations, it will be interesting to observe the impact of its recommendations on housing policies and the broader market.

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