The Most Unforgettable Auction Moments from Australian Bidders in 2023

⚡️ Highlights:

1. A buyer offered only $1 for a Queensland house during an auction without a reserve price, and surprisingly almost won the keys. The derelict house ended up selling for $494,700, setting an Australian record.

2. An epic one-hour auction took place for a luxury Brisbane home in Hawthorne, with six bidders and three participants. The five-bedroom residence, once a cottage, sold for $5.85 million.

3. In a rare occurrence, a buyer registered and won the keys during a Sydney auction after seeing the property just three minutes before it started. They secured the art deco gem for $1.37 million.

4. A family bought a property near Manly Beach in Sydney for $6,025,000, just 30 minutes after viewing it. The four-bedroom property exceeded its price guide and attracted four bidders.

5. The location of a property, close to the beach and architecturally designed, played a role in its successful auction outcome. The auctioneer declined a low-ball opening bid of $3.1 million and started with $4.5 million instead.

Capturing the Drama and Excitement of Australia’s Property Auctions in 2023

The Australian property market in 2023 witnessed some of the most dramatic and unexpected moments during auctions, showcasing the unpredictable nature of bidding wars and the lengths to which buyers will go to secure their dream properties. Here are some of the most memorable auction moments from the year:

1. A Bold $1 Opening Bid in Crestmead, Queensland: In an extraordinary move, a bidder offered just $1 for a house in Crestmead, Queensland. This audacious bid was placed during an auction for a vandalized property listed without a reserve price. The property eventually sold for $494,700, attracting a record 161 registered bidders.

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2. Marathon Auction in Hawthorne, Queensland: A luxury home in Hawthorne, Brisbane, saw an intense bidding war that lasted an hour, culminating in a $5.85 million sale. The auction attracted a crowd and six registered bidders, with three actively participating.

3. Last-Minute Registration in Randwick, New South Wales: In a rare occurrence, a bidder registered midway through an auction in Randwick, Sydney, and successfully purchased an art deco gem for $1.37 million. This latecomer had viewed the property just minutes before the auction began.

4. Spontaneous Purchase in Manly, New South Wales: A family bought a property in Manly for $6,025,000 after viewing it only 30 minutes before the auction. Despite a low initial bid attempt, the auction started at $4.5 million and exceeded the price guide.


These moments from 2023 highlight the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of Australia’s auction market. From daring opening bids to last-minute registrations, these events reflect the competitive spirit and strategic maneuvers that characterize property auctions. As the market continues to evolve, such memorable moments are a testament to the excitement and drama inherent in the pursuit of real estate.

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